Residential Security

home_secur.pngYour home is your castle. At least that is what we would all like to believe however the reality today is that your home is becoming increasingly more vulnerable and your family more at risk.... 

Commercial Security

commercial.pngYour business is yours and your staff’s livelihood so why wouldn’t you want to protect it. At SIACS we are able to offer you the level of security that suits your business and your budget... MORE                 

Retail Security

staff_theft.pngRetailers lose over $760m per annum due to shrinkage. Retailers today have to battle not only with sales and budgets but also the problem of protecting their margins which are consistently being eroded by shrinkage... MORE          

Alarm Monitoring
Increasing crime rates dictate that every security alarm system should be monitored and common sense dictates that you should use the best monitoring service available to you. 

iStock_000005679834XSmall.jpgOur monitoring company strives to be the best supplier of alarm monitoring services in New Zealand by continuingly reviewing their customers security levels and upgrading not only their skill base but also through their awareness of technology. 

We offer three levels of service to our customers based upon their security requirements and their budgets.

In addition to security alarm monitoring we also monitor medical alarms, plant alarms and CCTV cameras. Clients are also able to log into their monitoring account at anytime they wish to view their monitoring logs thereby providing total transparency to the monitoring function.

Contact us today for a free no obligation visit so that we can discuss your security concerns.
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